Join the SOLG

There are many reasons why you might wish to join the Guild: you might be just starting your adventure in lutherie and are eager to meet those who share your passion and wish to learn something from the experience of others; you might be an experienced luthier who wishes to meet and share your knowledge with fellow craftsmen; similarly, you might be  an experienced luthier who is looking for new ideas and ways of doing things that you have done for years.  Whatever your particular situation or set of circumstances, it is very likely that membership in the Guild has something valuable to offer.

Anyone who is currently engaged in the art of lutherie or is interested in getting started in this rewarding and satisfying activity is very welcome to join us.

Currently the membership fee is $25 a year, which entitles the luthier to full membership in the Guild, and all the attendant benefits.

Joining the Guild is a relatively simple process.  In order to join the Guild you must be nominated by one current Guild member in good standing, you must complete a Membership Application, this application must be approved by the executive members and you must pay the required membership fee.  If you already know a current Guild member, inquire if the member will support your application and then simply attend a regular Guild meeting in order to initiate the application.  If you do not know a current Guild member, simply attend on of our regular meetings and let us know you're interested in applying; we would be very happy to hear from you and we'll get the application started.

Welcome to the wonderful world of building stringed instruments!

© 2019 by Peter O'Connor

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The S.O.L.G. is very grateful for the ongoing support of Lee Valley

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